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Commission Paintings Of Scottish Mountains


scottish mountain prints for sal online

Later in the week I'm heading back to Glencoe for a commission of the mighty Buachaille Etive from The Devils Staircase. Really looking forward to this trip and I'm getting some sketches and photographs taken of Beinn Dorian in Bridge Of Orchy while I'm up ... More posts later on the week then :)


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A Northern Sky, National Trust Visitors Centre, Glencoe

Well I finished a new painting of Glencoe last night, one that been worked on and off for around 6 months overall. I tend to do late night sessions in my studio and last week I started to give this one a winter feel but then after a nights sleep with dreams about the Northern Lights this is the end result. Now I won't lie and pretend I've ever seen the Northern Lights in Glencoe but I have seen them and I know this view very well so I took the dream as a sign :)

This is painted from the back of the National Trust Visitors Centre. On that subject I was in there paying a  visit and was doing my usual online check-ins etc and Betty from the centre, who I had never met in my life but has now become my Glencoe tour guide as she knows some cracking off the beaten track viewpoints, spotted me taking some photographs and asked to see them. So to cut a story short Im now having an exhibition in the Centre this year. I'm a wee bit excited :)

Anyways hope you enjoy, and below are some detail shots and a dodgy video, shaky hands but give you a better idea of the painting in real life.



Think I've mentioned in a previous blog about my upcoming exhibition on board the paddle steamer The Maid Of The Loch.

Well I am just about ready for it, well the paintings are anyway, there is always so much more involved in setting these show up.
Here is the official wording for the show...

Hi folks, just a wee reminder that I will be having a 2 day show of new work on board the Loch Lomond Paddle Steamer, The Maid Of The Loch.

The event run Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of September, 10am to 5pm each day.

This will be my first exhibition since March 2012 in London so expect lots of new work including some recent trips around Scotland.

This show is to help raise funds for the continued renovation of the The Maid.

On show will be around 40 new paintings from recent travels around Scotland.

All work is available to reserve on my web page 

Hope to see you there, Kevin.

Loch Lomond Steamship Company, 

The Pier, 

Pier Road, 


G83 8QX


Thursday this week was a long day getting ready for the show...i really wanted to get 2 paintings of the Ship I had been working on ready for the exhibition and they had been causing me some headaches in the lead up, so as always seems to be the case when it comes to the crunch...the door of the studio was locked...the music was on and as I like to call it 'The Darkside' was tapped into once again and from 7am I painted for around 20 hours. These 2 paintings are the end result.


Moonlight, The Maid Of The Loch


Golden Sunset, The Maid Of The Loch


TV Interview


Well I had my first ever TV interview this week with inverclyde-TV from my home town area.

Very nerve racking to say the least as I barely go above a monotone mutter at the best of times and also have been told my accent is very deep west coast Scotland so all in all I would say I was really happy with how it turned out and Kris Bradley from the station made it all a pleasurable experience. I did have to pour myself a glass of wine last night though to sit down and watch it :)

Anyways I hope you enjoy and I hope it gives some insight into how I work. Oh and let it run to the very end…its quite a cool ending…thanks to Kris again for that )

Ps i dont know why this is white on black :) oh the link is here



Visit to The Maid Of The Loch

Well I went to visit the venue for my new exhibition yesterday, The Maid Of The Loch. Its going to be quite a venue for an art show and the surroundings are gorgeous…worth a visit for that alone. We are so lucky in Scotland to have scenery like this right on our doorstep.

I'm going to have quite a lot of work to do to get this…emmm…shipshape for the show.  Still have not decided how much paneling to put up or the best layout but this will also be guided but how much work I'm going to be showing so its going to be a long month of no doubt night shifts in my studio. I usually find I in a weird way thrive on these situations so all for the greater good in terms of the show, maybe not my sanity

I've decided to make the show a whole mixture of work. Planning on showing oils, watercolours, miniatures to larger works with a whole mixture of subjects including Scotland and further afield, Abstract and Atmospheric.

But without a doubt I will be starting work on the photograph below as Its crying out to be painted, it even has yet again a bird in it to go along with my new current obsession for appearing in paintings.


Back to work then …


First Of Many From Orkney

Well I went on a road trip recently up to Orkney...what an eye opener!

Heaven for an artist, more on the places I visited and this trip another time but for now here is the first oil painting from that trip. A night visit to the Ring Of Brodgar. One of many paintings of there and many other Orkney locations to come...


Blog Smaug

Well I'm not much for blogging ... and to be honest I think art is more about the ... well art and less pontification...but I am going to use this option a little. Basically my first post is to say I've been back at the watercolour after many years (15 i think) and loving this medium again. I also like that I can paint on the road again now also. So here are the first to be finish from a recent trip...


London 2012 WCC press realease


"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Degas

It's every young child artist's dream to see their work on others' walls. That ambition was realised for me when I sold my first painting at the age of 12 to a neighbour for £20.

It set me on a career path to study Interior Design in Glasgow and win national design awards.

Like many artists before me I have been inspired by my surroundings. The stunning views around the river Clyde from my hometown of Greenock provided plenty.

My first painting at the age of 10 was a view of my father and sister in the snow.

After art school I worked in the field of film and theatre set design but art commissions overtook this and allowed me to concentrate solely on painting.

My work varies from representational to contemporary…to abstract oil paintings depicting landscapes, cityscapes, atmospheres and emotions.

Influences include the River Clyde, stunning Scottish scenery and history and also travel, film and music. The creative process is a superb release.

Oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastels paints have a magical quality which enhances the transfer of breathtaking scenery to canvas.

To date my work has been requested for show by Scottish, London and Toronto art galleries.

Commissioned paintings have been shipped to buyers in Europe, the Middle East, USA, South America, Canada and Australia. My corporate art appears in offices, restaurants and hotels.

But what gives me the greatest pleasure is to use my paintings to help others, in particular charities like World Child Cancer.

Tam O'Shanter's Witches was secured for a superb sum at auction at a recent fundraising dinner and The Last Ferry to Dunoon provoked nostalgic memories for World Child Cancer's chairman Gordon Morrison.
Your support is most welcome and indeed lifesaving to infants struggling to fight cancer.

I hope you enjoy my collection of the signed artist proof prints of my work.

You can commission, view and buy my latest paintings on /


WCC press realease

just been sent a press release that's hitting the glasgow papers ahead of tomorrow night...

Press Release on behalf of Kevin Hunter, 23 November 2011
A SCOTS artist is staging an online exhibition of his paintings to help fund the treatment of children with cancer in some of the world's poorest countries.

The "doors" to Kevin Hunter's gallery,, will open from midnight tonight (Thursday) to midnight on Sunday, with 25% of the proceeds going to the charity World Child Cancer.
Inspired by the views over the Clyde from his native Greenock, Hunter's signature work includes waterfronts by night in cities such as Glasgow, New York and Toronto.

The on-line sale will support the work of World Child Cancer, which twins hospitals in the UK, US and South America with cancer units in poorer countries.

For example paediatric oncologists at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh work with child cancer services in Ghana, providing training and mentoring of staff, anti-cancer drugs, and specialist advice and other assistance.

In the Third World only one in ten children with cancer get diagnosed, treated or given pain relief.

Hunter raised nearly £1000 from a similar event last year for the Scots Australian Children's Cancer Trust which supports WCC as well as child cancer units in Scotland and Australia. It was set up by the family and friends of infant Joseph MacDermid who was diagnosed with a brain tumour shortly after his parents emigrated to Australia from Scotland, and is now recovering after surgery and chemotherapy.

"Very few children in poorer countries could hope for this kind of treatment, and we want to change that," he said.


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